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St. James's

The Royal village of St James is an exclusive and historic London enclave through which a labyrinth of alleyways and passages snake their way between and behind some of London’s grandest houses, shops and palaces.

In short it’s an absolute joy of an area to discover and, once you’ve experienced it, you’ll most certainly return at your leisure to uncover the wonderful, and secret, places that are featured on this walking tour. 


We start at the picturesque tufts of Green Park, and then weave our way through gas lit pathways to explore the village of St James.

This is the area of the gentlemen’s club land and we pass and hear fascinating stories of some of the most exclusive and elegant clubs to grace the London streetscape. We hear remarkable tales about the excesses and debauching and also experience some of truly exclusive shops that have been supplying the cigars, hats, shoes and fine wines to Royalty for many generations.


The Tudor gatehouse of St James’s Palace, built by no less a King than Henry VIII himself is dominating the area. A thousand tales will come tripping from its eventful past as we learn about the Royal rifts that took place behind these walls.


St James’s was the place to see and to be seen during the Regency era and the stories that made London the most fashionable place on earth, took place right here!


Come and join me and experience, explore and be blown over by what St. James’s can offer.


The basic tour lasts for two hours.

It can also be tailor made to suit your interests. 


We can add a parfumerie course, where the likes of Winston Churchill, Florence Nightingale and Ian Fleming as well as the Georgian royalty bought there parfumes.


We a can add a cigar and whiskey tasting to this tour, in a which Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde frequented.


Or maybe you wish to have a wine tasting course in the oldest wine shop in town (or be weighed in their shop, as this was the fun pastime in the 1700-1800’s, and the weight of the likes of royals, writers and society dandies can be seen in their books).


Also depending on the size of the group, we can offer a private tour of one of the gentlemen’s clubs in the area.


And we have not even started on art and art galleries! Private viewings in small galleries can be organised.


This area is littered with pubs from 1600-1700’s, and they can be found along the narrow gaslit alleyways, and stopping off for a thirst quencher in one of these historic venues is a must.


This area just keeps on giving, so please contact me for more information how you would like to experience this fabulous part of town.

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