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In the 18th century the area was little more than a waterlogged and swampy wasteland. Known as the Five Fields, it was a notorious haunt of thieves and highwayman and respectable citizens travelled through it at their peril.

Much has change since those days, as today Belgravia is one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. It has been and still is 

the district for residents from the glittering cast of aristocrats, film stars, rock stars, business magnates, colourful entrepreneurs, secretive oil tycoons, with the occasional Russian oligarch. 

In the 1820′s, George IV developed Buckingham Palace, and the Grosvenor family – who owned the Five Fields and which just happened to lie immediately to the west of the palace grounds – saw an opportunity to make their wasteland profitable and commissioned the builder Thomas Cubitt to turn it in a grand estate that would give the aristocracy the opportunity to live as close to the monarch as it was possible. 


We hear stories of Lord Lucan and how he mysterious disappeared, see where numerous politicians, film stars and aristocrats have lived and witness the beauty of the mews and stucco fronted villas. 


The basic tour lasts for 90 minutes.

We can add on stops in beautiful and historic pubs, visits to antiques shops in Pimlico and also art galleries on Kings Road.

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